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The biggest bike park in Germany – en route to open in the near future.

“A modest ski area in central Germany that shut down operations almost two decades ago, Idarkopf is making a big comeback in the near future, this time as an awesome Bike Park. More specifically, the plan is to transform the 1350 vertical meters of Idarkopf with its hight difference of 200 meters into Germany’s biggest Bike Park over the next few years.

A huge 23 km trail network on 13 trails — designed and crafted by experienced and world-renown trail builders — ensures that every type of mountain biker will find what they are looking for.

Environmental sustainability is an important topic for Bike Park Idarkopf. Therefore the building process is focused on minimizing any disruption of the existing nature. Every bike ticket will include an ecological tax that is used to continue caring for the diverse and beautiful nature of the Bikepark Idarkopf.”


Hard Facts:

Opening: In the near future

Area: approx. 100 hectare

Trail kilometres: 23km 

Number of lines:13 

Number of lifts: 2 

Price day ticket: approx. 30€ 

Opening times: year round, 4 days a week (5 during school holidays)

Infrastructure: Bike shop, rental, concept store, gastronomy, riding technique school, camping, slide paradise.



Part of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park region

Enchanted castles and ancient circular walls bear witness to the past. In gemstone cutters , mines and ironworks old craft is alive. Wildcats and ospreys feel comfortable in the dense forests between Erbeskopf and Wildburg. Holiday in the National Park region Hunsrück-timber forest – that is holiday, on shore leave and relaxation. Premium hiking trails , National Park Traumschleifen and Ranger toursin the national park make for perfect outdoor moments. High above the vineyards of the Mosel and near the ridge of the Hunsrück, which has many hidden treasures for visitors willing to extend. Come on.

The fresh air will blow you around the nose, the slopes let your pulse beat faster. During a break you can discover so much: mushrooms, ferns, Moore and butterflies. Whether mountain biking, trekking bike or e-bike – the National Park Hunsrück-timber forest is something for everyone. So you enjoy the unique nature and silence from the slightly faster-paced side. At around 80 kilometers, the new National Park cycle route around the park is currently under construction. But smaller round trips are already experienced. Who wants to put his skill on the bike to the test, finds two jump lines and a pump track in the bike park Nahbollenbach. Sporty is also the specially built MTB round to the magical forest with a high proportion Trail.

But not only the nature experience is a premium offer. The region is home to both high technology and solid craftsmanship. Small and medium-sized enterprises with strong – mostly family – roots in the region represent a reliable size, especially from a labour market perspective. Many companies benefit from the research and technology transfer with the University of Applied Sciences at the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld.

Nowhere else on earth is there such a concentration of gemstones and jewellery in one place. While on the move in EdelSteinLand, you will come across mysterious minesand world-famous museums, as well as modern and traditional grinders. Discover more about the secrets of the region. Meet fascinating people whose passion is the subject of stone in all its dazzling variations. Take a peek over the shoulder of gemstone artisans hard at work in historical and modern mills, visit a goldsmith as he works, or even go in search of minerals yourself. One thing is certain: When visiting, you’ll get to meet people who are passionate about what they do.