Audi Nines

Drop Into The Audi Nines Mountainbike 2019 with the GoPro Course Preview


A week of awe-inducing mountain biking action is currently underway at The Audi Nines MTB 2019. In collaboration with Bikepark Idarkopf, the event has returned to an iconic location in a stone quarry in Germany’s Birkenfeld region, where an out-of-this-world course has drawn the world’s best mountain bikers for an all-time session. It’s time for a first look at this groundbreaking venue with the GoPro Course Preview.

The video follows course builders and athletes Sam Reynolds and Clemens Kaudela through the daunting Freeride Line, which features some of the quarry’s largest drops and jumps. Austrian up-and-comer Peter Kaiser rides through the more playful Slopestyle Line, showing off elements like the Satellite Dish and the new Space Station feature, while Tom Isted rolls into the Big Air jump, home of the week’s craziest freestyle tricks. Last but certainly not least, Kaudela takes on this year’s signature feature: an immaculately sculpted “Perfect Hip” at the bottom of the quarry, which is practically guaranteed to send riders soaring to record-breaking heights.

“We came here with high expectations because last year was so good,” said Peter Kaiser. “The course is even better this year, with more features and more stuff to play around on. It’s so much fun to ride this course and have a good session with everyone.”
“The course really celebrates every aspect of freeride mountain biking, from the skatepark area up to the humongous hip—which is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen—and everything in between,” reported Sam Reynolds.

On the 14th of September 2019, The Audi Nines MTB will conclude with the Public Contest Day. For the first time, the public is invited to the quarry to watch the crew of world-class athletes tackle this extraordinary venue. Admission is free for this special occasion.