Audi Nines

Countdown to Launch:  How To Blast Off At The Audi Nines

Countdown to Launch: How To Blast Off At The Audi Nines

Nines Ways to Maximise your Audi Nines Experience

You may have already experienced the highlights from previous Audi Nines events on a tiny handheld screen… but trust us, it’s nothing like being there to watch this display of otherworldly snowsports action in person! That said, with a week full of action at two separate venues, it’s not easy to know where to get started. That’s why we’ve assembled this pre-flight checklist.


Nine… Get there

Before you can blast off into orbit, you’ve got to get to the launch pad! This year’s Audi Nines will run at two event locations concurrently at the neighbouring ski resorts of Sölden and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Austria. Thanks to the region’s extensive transportation network, it’s easy to get here via plane, train or automobile. For a full breakdown of transportation options, check out these links on how best to get to Sölden and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.


Eight… Get on hill

The venue at the Tiefenbach Glacier at Sölden is easily accessible by driving or via shuttle bus up the Glacier Road directly to the Tiefenbach Glacier parking lot. If you’re on skis or a snowboard at Sölden already, you can use lift connections to get to the venue as well—a piste map will come in handy. The venue at Obergurgl is accessible with the Festkogel Gondola (Gurglerstrasse 93). Just one lift ride up, and you’re there!


Seven… Keep It Clean

This year we’ve joined forces with Viessmann as our sustainability partner. Together we’re committed to researching and finding ways to respect our environment by minimising our impact, as we’re all #Winterfans wanting to preserve the most beautiful season of the year. We’re learning how we can take extra steps to reduce our footprint in the future. On an individual level, we also ask you to consider how you can be a part of this process of improvements—for example, by taking public transportation or carpooling to access our event, and packing all waste with you to help keep our mountains clean and snowy. To find out more about how you can become active #Winterfans, check out this link (webpage in German).


Six… Social Media Boosters Engaged

Want to launch your social accounts into the stratosphere? You’ve come to the right place, so get out your smartphone and prepare for liftoff! At the Audi Nines you’ll be able to capture plenty of stunning action to wow your followers, and maybe even a selfie with one of your heroes! Make sure to follow @audinines and tag your posts with #Audinines to tie your feed in to Mission Control.


Five… Know your Launch Vehicle

At the Audi Nines you’ll experience one of the most spectacular venues in snowsports today—but it helps to know what you’re looking at! Our shapers are working tirelessly to create a one-of-a-kind setup combining a multitude of different jump styles, from world-record quarterpipes and big-air ramps to exotic features like the daunting 10-meter high “Launch Pad.” Check out the “Setup” page to get up to speed on the particulars before you come.


Four… Meet the Flight Crew

What’s a moon mission without a Neil Armstrong? Getting to know our hardy aeronauts is essential to a successful Audi Nines visit. From Olympic gold medalists like Anna Gasser, David Wise and Sarah Hoefflin to living legends like Terje Håkonsen, the Audi Nines guest list is a Who’s-Who of the top names in snowsports today. Check out the full list here so you’ll know whom to cheer for, and whom to grab for that aforementioned selfie!


Three… Public Night Shoot

There’s plenty of action all week long at the Audi Nines, but the Public Night Shoot on Wednesday, April 24th at the Obergurgl venue, featuring both male and female shredders, is an absolute highlight! Hop onto the Festkogel gondola anytime after 4:00PM to come up and join the festivities—special €15 tickets are available just for this occasion. The show gets started at 8:30PM, and it’s one you won’t want to miss! Get more info on the night shoot here.


Two… Public Contest Day

On-snow action at the Audi Nines wraps up on Saturday, April 27th with the Public Contest Day in Sölden. Here you’ll see all the week’s action in compact form, as the men and women of the Audi Nines throw down side-by-side in spectacular fashion. The show gets started at 11:15AM with a qualification round, followed by finals beginning at 2:30PM. Entry to the event is free, so there’s no reason not to come by and witness this epic throwdown. Please note that the road to Tiefenbach Glacier has a toll, which is €19 or free with a ski pass. More information on the Contest Day is available here.


One… The Afterparty

Immediately following the Big Air contest, the action moves to the patio of the Tiefenbach Glacier Restaurant, where you and your crew can indulge in tasty libations alongside the Audi Nines team and celebrate the successful conclusion of the event. If you’re looking to share a cheers (Prost!) with an Olympian, this may be your best chance!



Checklist complete? Congratulations—you’re ready to blast off at the 2019 Audi Nines!