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Audi Nines Secret Garden


Audi Nines Enters the Multiverse 

A new expansion event in Secret Garden, China broadens the scope of the unconventional event series in 2020


A new decade is upon us, and with it exciting news from the Audi Nines! In 2020, the innovative action sports event series will expand its physical presence beyond Europe for the first time with a new halfpipe-focused event in Secret Garden, China. The special “Hyperpipe” constructed in Secret Garden will complement the Audi Nines’ original snow event, which returns to its iconic location in Sölden and Gurgl, Austria for the third time.

Since its founding 12 years ago, the Audi Nines has enjoyed steady growth in popularity and scope. This positive feedback has fuelled a remarkable transformation from a small regional happening for freestyle skiers, into an internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary action sports series combining the finest talents in ski, snowboard, mountain bike and beyond, with out-of-this-world athletic constructions and captivating media production. Now in 2020, the Audi Nines prepares for one of its most exciting endeavours yet: a winter expansion event in Secret Garden, China, the host of freestyle events for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Audi Nines Secret Garden

From the 11th to the 14th of March, 2020, the Audi Nines will make its Asian debut in Secret Garden with the “Hyperpipe.” Centred around a stunning feature design developed in collaboration with top athletes, this new Audi Nines experience aims to disrupt halfpipe skiing and snowboarding in the best possible way. The spectacular architecture of the “Hyperpipe” reinvents the possibilities for transitions in snow, providing a unique new challenge for some of the world’s best halfpipe riders, and the promise of more breathtaking action for the enjoyment of fans around the globe.

“The Audi Nines crew is excited to take on this new opportunity,” says event founder Nico Zacek. “We’ve wanted to change the way halfpipes are built and ridden for many years now, and we are very grateful that Secret Garden jumped on board to help us realise our creative visions at the 2022 Olympic venue.”

Audi Nines Sölden/Gurgl presented by Falken

From the 13th to the 18th of April, 2020, the Audi Nines will return to Sölden and Gurgl, Austria for the original snow edition. Building on the success of earlier events at this location, this year’s plans include ever-more spectacular snow features intended to challenge athletes and entertain onlookers, while maintaining the Audi Nines’ standard in progressive snowpark design. Meanwhile, open-to-the-public events like the Night Shoot on Wednesday the 15th in Gurgl, and the Contest Day on Saturday, the 18th of April in Sölden, will continue to provide the chance for all visitors to witness this snowsports marvel first-hand and free of charge.

“The venues in Sölden and Gurgl will explore new realms of design in snow,” promises Zacek. “You can expect to see even more incredible action in Big Air and Slopestyle-influenced settings, as well as some pioneering new features, like ‘The Wormhole,’ that may challenge your understanding of physics.”

Athletes Take the Lead in Course Design

At both the Secret Garden and Sölden/Gurgl locations, the stellar Audi Nines athlete team has taken the lead in drafting unconventional, never-before-seen snow features. Recent athlete creative workshops documented in the ongoing “Behind the Nines” video series, have resulted in course designs for both events that are sure to drop jaws and have you reaching for the rewind button.

“For me Audi Nines is the only place where I can really say what I’d like to ride,” says Mathilde Gremaud (SUI), who contributed her input for the Sölden and Gurgl setups. “Having people drawing our ideas, it’s amazing.”

“There’s much production going into it,” says James Woods (GBR) of the design process. “It’s just in another league. But the basis of it is exactly why we all got into skiing and snowboarding. There is so much opportunity to get banging content for the rest of the season.”

“Every year we get to have more and more input into what get built.” says David Wise (USA). “To have a crazy idea, then to have it get built and get to do tricks on that feature, to me that’s as good as it gets!”

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